Constant Blood Level during pregnancy. Is It Okay?

Hello doctor, I’m 8 months pregnant and my blood level is same from 1 month of pregnancy (8.8). It is not increasing at all. Will┬áConstant Blood Level create any problem in delivery time. What to do? Please suggest, someone told me to take Amway iron supplement. Should I take it?



Constant Blood Level during pregnancy. Is It Okay?
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    This level of Hb is less though there can be different reasons for this. Nutritional deficiency should respond to therapeutic doses of iron if you are taking it properly. Add supplements or diet rich in vitamin C, B12, proteins and minerals for better iron absorption. If you are not tolerating oral iron, injections can be taken.
    But if anaemia is due to other problems like thalessaemia, or sickle cells etc, advanced tests can be done to look for the cause. If your Hb status does not improves, arrangement for blood or other products can be made for labour before hand to avoid emergency.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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