Confused about present situation?

Sir/mam , the point is that I slept naked with my boyfriend we didn’t had intercose but there were ejucaluations but those were not near vagina there were some fingers inside but no sexual intercose and these all happened 4-5 days before my periods .
So my question is that can I be pregnant we didn’t had intercose that too just 4-5 days before periods
The actual reason for my query is that I missed my period for 6days still there r no signs of it !….. I am very much scared regarding this !… Plz tell me can I be pregnant in this case ? I get irregular periods but they come earlier they never gets late … But this time I want them to come but they ain’t coming I am scared and tensed about it ..
I can’t go to doctor at present cos I think this will be not a good idea cos there will be involvement of my parents and that would be really a thing of difficulty for me ….. Plz suggest me something doctor keeping my problems as a point too ……have a lot of hope from u.
Thank u ! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for your consultation.If you are sure of not having a intercourse in real sense you can take Tab.Primolut N 1tab twice daily x 3days and wait for 7 days for withdrawal bleeding takes place.Alternatively wait for another 9 to 10 days and get urine examined for pregnancy test.
    Sperms are motile and if any way ejaculation took place near vagina chance of pregnancy can not be ruled out.
  2. User
    Sir there is a release of a light brownish fluid from vagina a bit slippery and sticky and a bit of wattery discharge .......
    What possibily it could be ?......
    I searched on google it said may be due to implantation or may be it comes before mensuration
    Sir do u have any idea about it ....
    Plz help
    Thank you
  3. Pl.get an USG of lower abdomen done .It is not possible to say anything without clinical.examination.
  4. Get urine examined for pregnany as well.
  5. Dear Sid , You can whatsapp your images at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of your doctor with this question.
    Thank You!