Conceived with IVF treatment, could cerclage cause miscarriage?

I had conceived in April 2015 through IVF treatment. Even though it began as a twin pregnancy, only one fetus crossed 6 weeks. My cervical length had reduced from 2.9 cm to 2.1 cm during 16 weeks. Hence a cerclage was done under local anesthesia. Exactly a week later, bleeding began with heavy big clots with no abdominal pain. My cervical stitch was intact and ultrasound still did not show any clots/ bleed. The baby was alive till third day of bleeding. The cause is still not confirmed by my doctor. Please shed some insight as to whether the cerclage may have caused the late miscarriage.


Conceived with IVF treatment, could cerclage cause miscarriage?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    circlage doesn't cause bleeding a week later. If baby is fine in usg and other things like liquor is also normal and no placental abnormalities , then it may be something else which your gynecologist can diagnose better.

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