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    I have read your query in detail and it seems you are suffering from viral infection.
    I would suggest you to take tab sinarest twice a day after food for 3 days.
    You may use otrivin nasal drops for blocked nose and allercrom eye drops for burning in eyes.
    Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and eat warm home cooked food.
    Meanwhile get your CBC ESR and xray pns done and let me know the results.

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    Thanks for your advice m'am.
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    I am fine now after taking sinarest
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    My Mother is suffering from severe sneezing and throat irritation. She had been taking azithromicin and dry cough syrup since last 3 days but no relief yet. Done ESR. Was detected hypothyroid since last month.taking thyroxin 50
  5. Also give her tab montemac L 1 at night for 3 days.