Chronic bilateral maxillary sinusitis.

I am having acute to chronic bilateral maxillary sinusitis ,left frontal and sphenoidal sinusitis .

Now  i  am currently taking montelukast and cetirizine. combo b.d. and azeflo nasal drops two times a day..

having family history mother is a patient of rhinitis.What could be  appropriate medication other than this

Chronic bilateral maxillary sinusitis.

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  1. Hi Annie,thank you for posting your query on Medimetry.
    I can understand your concern.
    You are suffering from acute to chronic bilateral maxillary sinusitis ,left frontal and sphenoidal sinusitis and taking these medicines:Montelukast with Cetirizine-two times a day and azeflo nasal drops(Azelastine hydrochloride +Fluticasone ) two times a day.Use montelukast with cetirizine combination medicine once a day.Montelukast,Cetrizine and Azelastine helps in relieving Allergic symptoms like itching,watery nasal discharge,sneezing,etc.Fluticasone is a topical nasal steroid which helps in relieving allergy and inflammation in the nose and sinuses.
    Along with the above medicines,you may also find relief by taking Oral decongestant (like Phenyephrine) and Nasal decongestant drops like (Xylometazoline) if you are not suffering from hypertension,Mucolytic(like Ambroxol) and Saline nasal spray .
    If you have symptoms like fever(more than 101 degree Fahrenheit),pus discharge from nose,etc suggestive of bacterial infection,then you may also need to start Oral Antibiotics.
    Also do steam inhalation.Avoid cold food and very sweet food which increase the mucus production.Avoid dust,smoke and other pollutants.Drink lots of fluids(warm) as they help in breakdown and release of collected mucus secretions in the sinuses.
    If after taking the above measures,if your symptoms are not relieving,then it would be advisable to consult an Otolaryngologist Doctor,and Endoscopic sinus surgery might be needed.
    Hope this answers your query.Take care.