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  1. Hello Sailesh and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Is the child exclusively breast fed or taking top feeds too?What is the colour and consistency of his stools?A baby who's top fed is more likely to develop loose motions compared to an Exclusively breast fed baby.Breast feed baby more often since breast milk contains antibodies which are protective against common illnesses and infections and also maintains baby's hydration.Diarrhea at this age is mostly viral in nature and usually subsides within 4-5 days.If stools are foulsmelling,green in colour or there's blood in stools then baby may need antibiotics.Zinc supplementation is beneficial in diarrhea since it reduces the duration of illness and protects against future episodes of diarrhea.It is best to see a Paediatricain and get baby examined.I sincerely hope it helps.Best wishes and take care!
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