Child sleeps throughout the day : wbc 13000, little bit infection.

My child is of 14days having 2100 gm weight. wbc 13000, little bit infection – Doc advised 7drops of mega cv twice a day. But my child sleeps through out the day.Can the medicine be the reason for this? Another medicine is crocine 4 drops thrice a day. Calcilog 5 drops OD. multivitamins 3 drops OD.

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  1. Hi Neeraj and thank you for your consultation.How is baby's activity when hes awake,his appetite?The causes of excessive sleepiness can be due to either infection,or medicines.Crocin is antipyretic and anagesic it may cause sleepiness.If you think baby is not active when awake it's better to see your doctor. Take care and best wishes!