Child not growing in height . Should i need to worry ?

Hello Dr, My child is of 8.5 years having below average height and almost short as compare to class mates. He plays a lot and do swimming rarely as pool water doesn’t suite his health.. please suggest why my child not growing in height ?



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  1. Hello Vikram and thank you for your consultation.Can you please share your son's height and weight?Height of a person depends on many factors like genetic,nutritional,stress and any general illness.I suggest that you give your child foods rich in calcium as it promotes bone growth.Milk,yoghurt,cheese,butter are good sources of calcium.Exercising daily and sports activity boosts secretion of growth hormone and increases height.Swimming ,skipping are good forms of exercise.Ensure adequate sleep.If baby is active and achieved other milestones on time there is not much to worry.Continue with a healthy diet and sports activities.A boy can gain height upto the age on 17 years.Write back to us with more information.Take care and regards!
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    Sorry for late reply. His weight is 25 kg and height 4'3
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    Pls respond
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    Dr Arti. Pls respond
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    Can u answer pls
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