Child having fever for 4 days ?

Hi, I have a 3yrs child, He is suffering from fever from last 4 days. I was visited to max hospital pataparganj, they have given some medicine but he had no relief. His platelet is normal. Please suggest me about this what will I do?


Child having fever for 4 days ?

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  1. Hello and thank you for writing.What other symptoms have your child been having along with fever?Running nose,cough,loose motions,vomiting,burning in urination,abdominal pain or any other complaint?How much is the fever ?Moderate or high?It would have been really helpful if I had more details about the fever and associated symptoms and names of medicines prescribed.Fever since 4 days not responding to medications may need to be investigated.It can be any viral infection,typhoid,chest infection or urinary tract infection.A complete blood count,urine analysis,Salmonella typhi antigen test may be done.If child is having cough then Xray chest will be helpful. Continue giving him Acetaminophen when he has fever.Give him enough of water and plenty of fluids.The specific treatment will depend on the cause of fever.If bacterial
  2. If bacterial infection is present he may need antibiotics.The choice of antibiotic depends on the possible suspected cause.Please have a frank discussion with your doctor about your child's illness.Do not worry. Hope it helps.Keep me posted .Take care!