Child having breathing problems while in cool atmosphere.Help ?

My son aged about 2year 3months old having asthma i.e., he feels difficult when the atmosphere conditions are cool . Is this cures with asses milk ? If it works ,how much quantity and how many times it will take?

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  1. Hi Srinivasarao and thank you for your consultation.Asthma is a condition which can be controlled but not cured completely.It gets triggered by smog,viruses.I suggest that you try to raise child's immunity by giving him fresh fruits and vegetables.Avoid exposure to cold and cold foods.Give him warm liquids like soups.You may add turmeric to warm milk.Regarding milk you asked I really doubt if it has any role.Please maintain a diary of child's asthma attacks and food intake and medications. That can help in knowing the triggering factors and help in better control of the disease.Maintain healthy weight of baby and encourage him to indulge in sports activities but that needs to be supervised.Take care and keep us posted!