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    I can understand your concern.
    The chest pain you have can be due to following causes other than heart problem.
    -Some chest conditions like allergic coughs,/ other chronic coughs.
    - weakness of chest bone/ ribs due to calcium & vitamin D deficiency.
    - Some gasterooesophageal problems- GERD, Hiatus hernia, gastritis etc.
    - Digestive problems like, indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia.
    One should get examined by a physician and get investigated to pin point the cause,this is followed by specific treatment.
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    I have done ecg and tmt all are normal
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    Before 2 months still is there anytngg to worry??
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    I still have pain smetmess
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  6. You should also get your CBC ESR X ray chest pa view, serum calcium and B-12 levels.
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    Chest x ray is also ok
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    Way is the actual prblm
  9. Kindly upload all your reports..
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    Hello, you may whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 and also mention the name of Doctor and reference of this question. We will share your reports with Dr. Surbhi.
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    I don't have reports with me
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    All are noramll doctor said
  13. User
    But still there is pain
  14. I need to see your reports to guide you further..