Chances of pregnancy or Side effects of iPill

Hello Doctor,

I had protected intercourse. Just to be on safe side i had an ipill after few hours of intercourse.

After two weeks i had bleeding. Now i am confused that its period’s bleeding of implantation bleeding.

After the bleeding i am having white discharge,burning sensation in vagina,abdomen pains,dizziness. My home pregnancy test and blood test are negative.Could i be pregnant?


Chances of pregnancy or Side effects of iPill
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    If you had i pill after few hours of pregnancy
    and your blood an urine test are negative
    then there is no chances of pregnancy.
    You could be suffering from urinary tract infection.
    Get your urine analysis done.
    I would suggest Syp Cital, 10ml in one glass of water once or twice a day for one week.
    You should also try having cranberry juice which is good for UTI.
    Please keep your water intake at least 3 litres a day.