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  1. Good afternoon.Thanks for consulting at Medi Metry.Yes it is possible in some cases.Here the menstrual blood loss might not be the same.
    Let me know your normal cycles is at what interval and LMP and amount of blood loss in last period and your parity.
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    Goodafternoon Dr. Normally i have 30-31 days interval and during last period bleeding is heavy on first 4 days and then gradually lower down but this time i have very light bleeding on 1st day and heavy on 2-3 day and again lighter on 4 day
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    This time Before 3 days of period l felt light fainting, headech and sickness espesially during morning hours even till today some time i feel light faint and mood swing also
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    I never ever felt this type of feeling before should i go for a pregnancy test or i need any other tests
  5. Good evening.You have not mentioned your LMP.If expected date of period is over by 15 days you can go for pregnancy test of urine.If you have pain lower abdomen with blackening get an trans vaginal USG done as well to exclude any other abnormality in the pelvis.
    Best wishes.
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    Thanx for wishes sir and my period has been come as normal rautine as 31day interval. Date of last month is 30 april and date of this month is 31may there is no extesion in my period date but don't know why i m suffing from faint and a strang mood swing and tiredness all the time is it weakness or what
  7. It might be due to weakness.Pl.get your blood examined for Thyroid profile,Serum Prolactin level and Haematocrit values and FBS and PPBS.
    Good night.