Chances of pregnancy

I have sex before 20 days, and after that i have checked in praganews, result was negative. Is there any chances of pregnancy. I want to know that should i have to sex again or weight for periods. And also tell me how to know about ovulation day. My last period date was 20th April. Please help me.



Chances of pregnancy
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  1. Thanks for writing to us.For pregnancy test urine need to be tested 45 days after the first day of the last menstrual period.
    Coming to ovulation in a woman having 28 day cycles it occurs on the 14 th day of the cycle which can be confirmed by using Preg date kit from 11th day of the cycle for 5 days and you have to make intercourse round about that period to conceive provided your other reports and husband's semen report are normal.
    If first dsy of your Last period was 20th.April and if your cycle is of 28days then your ovulation day will be round about 3rd.May.with 2 to 3 days on either side you can have your examined with Pregdate kit.Urine to be examined 2 hrs after lunch.If you have any other queries pl.feel free to write to us.
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