Chances of pregnancy

I had my first intercourse with my girlfriend on 2nd march . When i was inserted for the first time i scared. I have taken it off from the vagina in 5-6 seconds and only quarter of penis was inserted. I then masturbated on the bed and i did not use condom that time. After 24 hours i gave her ipill. But today she is saying that blood is coming like in periods very little. I am really very tensed. Is there any chances of pregnancy?

Chances of pregnancy
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  1. Hello Vaibhav
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    There is no need to worry if she has taken i pill within 72 hrs of unprotected sex.
    I pill can disturb the cycle . The less bleeding can be due to intake of emergency contraceptive.
    Also if you want to confirm get her blood test done that is serum beta hcg levels.