Chances of pregnancy

On 28th February, we had some intimate moments and there his pre-cum touched my vagina. According to him he masturbated early in that morning and then urinated twice. Then we had our moments, it was in the afternoon but still on 3rd march i took unwanted 72. it was within 72 hours. But today again his pre-cum was on his fingers a bit and he said he rubbed it in his jeans and then put his hand inside my vagina. After 28th February, that was the last he ejaculated. I mean after spending moments he went home and ejaculated there. After that he urinated on regular basis. Is there any chances of pregnancy?

Chances of pregnancy

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  1. hi,
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    very honestly with this kind of action chances of pregnancy are very less,
    nevertheless you have already taken d pill,
    your periods might be delayed due to this,
    but keep a watch on your cycle.