Chances of HIV transmission

Hello doctor,

I had protected sex with sex worker on dec 5 2016, I want to know if condom is intact (latex)

what are the chances of HIV transmission, I feel anxiety and depression, as sex last for 3 min and

I didn’t ejaculate and I checked condom it seems intact didn’t break….. plz reply.


Chances of HIV transmission

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  1. Hi Jagzz Singh
    Welcome to MediMetry, i can understand your concern.

    There is no way for HIV transmission if your condom didn't broke. Generally Depression and anxiety are not the symptoms of the HIV,its just human mind's thought process which leads him/her to the illness.
    HIV generally have following symptoms:

    1) Pain in the abdomen
    2) Dry Cough
    3) fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise, night sweats, or sweating, nausea, persistent diarrhoea, vomiting
    4) ulcers or white tongue
    5) sores or swelling in groin
    6) difficulty swallowing or soreness in throat
    7) headache, opportunistic infection, oral thrush, pneumonia, red blotches, severe unintentional weight loss, skin rash, or swollen lymph nodes.

    If you are feeling such kind of symptoms i would prefer you for the HIV test at your nearby hospital.

    Else leave the depression and try to live a normal life.