Cesarean or normal delivery?

I am 27 years old, married for one year. I am expecting right now and at 28 weeks. As per my latest ultrasound, everything is normal. I am slightly overweight though, and during pregnancy I have put on 10 kgs. My question is should I prefer normal delivery or cesarean, I am confused. I am 5’2″. Weight 80 kg.


Cesarean or normal delivery?
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    It is a little early to decide whether cesarean or normal delivery will be suitable for you. At around 38 week , your doctor will assess your pelvis and depending on expected baby wt and other obstetric parameters, the doctor will recommend suitable method for delivery.
    As of now you should relax, and do not worry about delivery procedure. It is good to stay informed but do not worry yourself over it. You may find this blog useful: http://blog.medimetry.com/2015/06/06/vaginal-birth-or-c-section/