Can’t walk properly due to back and leg pain.

hi doctor, I’m Love from New Delhi, I can’t walk properly due to back and leg pain specially these days. I tried many things but sometimes works and sometimes not. Once I sleep or lay in bed or anywhere its very hard to get up or move. please help me ?

Can’t walk properly due to back and leg pain.
Family Physician

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  1. Hello..
    welcome to medimetry...
    I can understand its very hard time when we won't get relief from any treatment and because of this lifestyle get affected..
    please tell us from how many days r u suffering from this and what kind of treatment taken earlier..gone thru any investigation like xray or MRI what your report says?
    as there are various reason for pain as u told ur pain is referring to leg also so it may be related to nerve compression..
    for the time being what you can do is
    1.. avoid long hours of standing or sitting ..if you are working avoid long hour of sitting try to have a short walk in a hour ..
    2.correct your posture.
    3.use heating pad for pain relief ,apply some gel or pain relief oil over the area of pain..
    4..avoid heavy weight lifting whenever you have to lift an object from surface first bend your knees then lift the object..avoid low sitting and cross sitting
    5,include exercise and walking in daily routine Tleast for 30 min daily your exercise must include strengthening exercises for back