Can’t see baby in ultrasound. What to do?

Hello Doctor, I am 5 weeks pregnant. Today I been to the hospital for ultrasound but that doctor said that he is not able to see my baby in ultrasound. So he said that come after 2 weeks we will again do ultrasound. I am very afraid because this is my first baby. Please tell me all will be ok?


Can’t see baby in ultrasound. What to do?
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    Gestational sac usually grows at a rate of 1mm per day after 4 weeks of gestation. At 6 weeks yolk sac should be seen and many a times fetal pole with cardiac activity can also be seen. If this is not there and sac is irregular or you have a history of bleeding, it can be abnormal. Wait for a week to repeat the ultrasound and to confirm as sometimes it's normal in case of wrong dates or delayed conception.

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