Can I take omeprezole or Digene with Stronidazole+oflaxacin tablet?

Hello Doctor.I am taking satronidazole(300mg) + ofloxacin (200mg) tablet since last 2 days.I have been suffering from acidity since i have started taking tablets.Can I take 1 omeprezole with it in morning or digene/gelusil to relieve symptoms?

Family Physician

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  1. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry
    Please take one Tablet Pantocid D twice a day, morning and night, twenty minutes before food.
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  2. User
    Thanks doctor.Since Today is sunday I wont be able to get Pantocid D tabs since all pharmacy in my locality are closed.I have omeprezole 20mg Tabs with me at home.If you could let me know is it safe to take omeprezole tab 20 mins before meal and then satrogyl which I have been prescribed for my stomach infection.
  3. Sure. You may alternatively use the medicine prescribed by me.