Can I have normal delivery if I had diabetes.

Hi Doctor, I am 34 week 2 days pregnant. I had my scan on this month 7th. My baby weight is 2.4 kg. My due date is on November 15th. Since my fasting blood sugar often comes up to 100, my ob suggested me to take insulin twice a day. I am taking glycomet tablet at night too. Can I have a chance of normal delivery?

Can I have normal delivery if I had diabetes.
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    Most women who have gestational diabetes give birth to healthy babies, especially when they keep their blood sugar under control, eat a healthy diet, get regular, moderate physical activity, and maintain a healthy weight. In some cases, though, the condition can affect the pregnancy.
    Keeping glucose levels under control may prevent certain problems related to gestational diabetes.
    Most women with gestational diabetes can make it to their due dates safely and begin labor naturally. In some cases, though, gestational diabetes could change the way you feel or how your baby is delivered. Simply having gestational diabetes is not a reason to have a C section, but your health care provider may have other reasons for choosing a cesarean delivery, such as changes in your health or your baby's health during labor.

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