Can i be diagnosed pregnant?

Hi Doctor, I had light spotting on 3rd and again on 5th march and it stopped. My periods was suppose to be on 5th but it just stopped with light spotting. I have mild breast pain, frequent urination, food cravings, back and headache. Can i be diagnosed pregnant?

Can i be diagnosed pregnant?
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  1. Hello and thanks for your question.The symptoms experienced by you like backache,spotting can be due to several causes.Pregnancy,hormonal imbalances,pelvic infection,ovarian cysts are few common possibilities.I suggest you to take up Urine Pregnancy test.It is an easy and reliable test for detecting pregnancy at home.If its negative then you may visit a gynecologist and get evaluated for other above mentioned possibilities.A clinical examination,pelvic scan may be needed in that case.Keep me posted.Take care!