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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us.WHO recommends Exclusive breast feeding for first 6 months of life which includes only drops,syrups and medications apart from breast milk.Giving water to babies can put them at risk of diarrhoea and malnutrition.Water may not be clean and cause infections in baby.Giving water may cause baby to drink less of breast milk and stop breast feeding at an early age leading to malnutrition.It can also cause mother to have less breast milk if baby decreases breast feeding.Breast milk has more than 80% water .The foremilk which is the first milk that comes with each feed satisfies baby's thirst.A baby does not need water before 6 months of age even in hot climate.Give baby breast milk when you feel baby is thirsty.It is safe water containing antibodies which will also prevent infections in babies.I hope this information helped you.Keep me posted and take care!