Can give mashed banana in breast feed to 4 months?

Hi my baby is four and half months old. She is exclusively on my feed. When we used to eat something she usually watch and try to grab food. Honestly speaking I gave her mashed banana as well as sweet potato mixed in my own milk to make it like purée. Today I asked her doctor but she said not to give before six months. What should I do now? Should I continue this food along with my milk be us she is enjoying it and like to eat. Please do reply.



Can give mashed banana in breast feed to 4 months?

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.I can understand your concern.WHO recommends Exclusive breast feeding till 6 months of age.Breast milk is sufficient in all nutrients,vitamins,water,proteins and fat.It contains antibodies which are protective against diseases.It satisfies thirst and hunger of a baby.If you start giving top feeds and top foods baby might cause cessation of breast feeding.Baby will want more of top food and this might decrease intake of breast milk by baby.Decreased suckling by baby will again lead to decreased breast milk secretion in you.I suggest that wait for 2 months.You can give baby mashed bananas ,potatoes,khichdi,mashed dal rice after 6 months of age.Hope this information helps you.Keep us posted and take care!