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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.WHO recommends Exclusive breast feeding till first 6 months of age.Do not give anything other than breast milk to baby till baby is 6 months age.Breast milk is sufficient in all nutrients,vitamins,minerals,proteins and is rich in antibodies which help in fighting diseases and infections.Foremilk satisfies baby's thirst and hindmilk satisfies baby's hunger.It provides calories and helps in weight gain. While breast feeding mother should take a balanced diet rich in fruits,vegetables,milk and milk products.Intake of masoor dal,jeera and saunf helps in milk production.The more mother feeds baby, more will be milk production.In case breast milk is not sufficient you may start with formula feeds.Do consult a doctor before starting them.I hope this information helped you.Keep us posted.Best luck and take care!