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  1. Hello Mr Satbir,
    Welcome to Medimetry! Banana or any other fruit is a rich source of carbohydrates and can lead to increased sugar levels specially in diabetic patients. However, fruits are also a rich source of fiber and will also be helpful. So it is OK if you eat bananas but make sure you don't eat more than one in a day. Milk and curd can be had in spite of diabetes but again make sure that you have it without sugar and have it in moderation. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact medimetry for any more help.
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    Thankyou for informative reply .Qht is the Best diet plan for Diabetic veg and Non Veg Both .Thankyou once again in anticipation of reply
  3. Sorry for the late reply. The best diet plan for diabetic patient depends upon their weight, height, sugar levels and also your lifestyle pattern. However in short, I can suggest you that you need to eat small portions every two hours. Make sure you don't eat more of simple sugars like biscuits or fruits in a day. Also consume a lot of salads and include good amount of fibers in your food.
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    Thanks Dr Pallavi. My height is 5.8 weight is 83 and active life style .
  5. Hello Mr Satbir Singh,
    As per your weight, height and age you can take following diet-
    Breakfast- Tea or Coffee without sugar (as per liking) along with it poha or upma or something like that.
    After two hours, you can have a fruit like apple.
    Lunch- You can have your regular lunch but it should not be very rich in sugar or even oil. Include atleast one portion of salad. Also if you are having a lot of rotis, you can avoid or take less portion of rice.
    Mid meal- Again you can have a bowl of salad or fruits. You can have murmura or popcorn also in your mid meal.
    Dinner- As far as possible have light dinner. But don't starve. Again if you are having roti for dinner, skip rice. You can have a bowl of soup and salads as a replacement for heavy meals.
    You can eat one tsp of dry Methi seeds before having heavy meals. It is rich in fibers and helps in flushing out extra sugar in our blood.
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    Thank you very much.It will be helpfull