Can conceive with single fallopian tube?

Six years has been completed to my marriage but still I have no child. I was pregnant in 2012 but that pregnancy was ectopic. One baby tube is removed and still I am trying but I can’t do it. I want to be pregnant easily with one baby tube. Please tell!


Can conceive with single fallopian tube?
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  1. Thanks for writing to us.
    There is no problem in getting pregnant with one tube.Have sex during the fertile period that is the time around ovulation.To find out the ovulation date you can use Pregdate kit by Rewel at home (It is to be tested in urine).
    Certainly the chance of pregnancy is reduced to some extent as ovulation generally occur alternately from each ovary during normal cycle.
    Let me know whether only tube was removed from affected side during Ectopic pregnancy or ovary was also removed.
    Don't worry.
    Best wishes.