Can any treatment be done for Post Polio Syndrome ?

My age is 27. My right leg was affected with polio when I was 2 years old. After years I recovered was able to walk. Suddenly 3 months back my leg becomes more weak. As per doctors advice I am suffering with Post Polio Syndrome . I am doing physiotherapy. But still wants to know any treatment to be done.

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  1. From how many days you are taking physiotherapy for this? Have you feel any changes ...
  2. User
    from last 10 days. Improvement is seen but still wants to know anything more can be done..
  3. Yes definitely u will feel recovery from physiotherapy but keep in mind that u shud not do much exercise so that muscle will get fatigue and not less exercise
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    thanks a lot doctor.
  5. You are most welcome... Get well soon
  6. User
    Doctor I wants to know one more thing. Can I go for Kerelian Ayurvedic massage therapy. Will it help in improving my condition.
  7. You can try but continue ur physio n exercise don't miss it...