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    You might be having acute fissure.
    This at times takes time to heal,fissure is a kind of tear in the mucosa which is very painful. Normally if the fissure is not deep it responds to medicines and diet control. Avoid junk food,take more of liquids and take laxative to avoid constipation. You can wait for one week more with medicines and after that still you have pain and problem surgery is the only answer.
    Any general surgeon can take care of this problem.
    So I would suggest you to take liq cremaffin plus 2tsf at night for 3 days and meanwhile get examined by a surgeon.
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    One thing I need to konw
  3. User
    One thing I need to know I went out for an trip and ate food outside for four days in region where all foods were little spicy and I used common toilets for four days and long travel will it be the problem for it
  4. Fissure is not an infection which you can acquire from public toilets.
    You should definitely get examined by a surgeon to confirm the diagnosis.
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    Will it cause by long sitting and eating spicy food
  6. Its already there...its a tear, spicy food may lead to burning and pain over there
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    Final question I ask you is if it is fissure will it bleed
  8. Yes, an anal fissure can cause sharp pain and bleeding during and after bowel movements.
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    Doc today when I go to bathroom blood comes and pain somewhat decreases
  10. Kindly get examined by a surgeon
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    Wether fissure and piles come together
  12. Yes, they can come together.
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    Thanks doc for your advice and I bought Himalaya pilex and I used yesterday tablet and now burning sensation gone and blood also not came
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    Should I continue this tablet taking everyday or else not
  15. Yes, you can continue it every day.