Breastfeeding mother , having fungal infection. What should i do ?

I m breast feeding mother and having vaginal fungal infection. I m using candid total cream . But it’s not getting cure. My baby is 2 month old, that’s why dr. Say she can’t give me antibiotics. What to do. ? It’s now 20 days above I m having fungal infection

breastfeed mother

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  1. Good evening Vidisha.Thanks for consulting at Medi Metry.
    1.You maintain local vulval hygiene by using V wash daily before bath.
    2.Keep the vulval area dry.
    3.Tab.Canditral 100mgm twice daily Orally after meals x 2 days.
    4.Use Candid CL sof gel vaginally once daily x 3 nights.
    Please get blood examined for Fasting and PPBS.
    If you are having sex husband 100mgm should take Tab.Canditral
    Best wishes.
  2. **** contd....Husband should take Tab.Canditral 100mgm twice daily after meals x 2days.
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    But is it fine, if I breast feed my baby when having this medicine
  4. Good morning Vidisha.Get your nipples and areolas clean with boiled cotton after cooling it and wash your hands properly before breast feeding the baby.It would be better if you express out a little milk before putting the baby for breast feeding.
    Best wishes.
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    K . Thank you so much.. ?
  6. Best wishes