Breastfeeding mother, feeling low in summers.

Doctor, I had a c-section delivery 3 months back. I am breastfeeding mother. Now a days i feel very low. I take green veg, salad and milk in my diet schedule. Can I take glucose or lemon water or any other thing to improve my health? Please suggest some diet or drink for weaknesses.

Breastfeeding mother, feeling low in summers.

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  1. Hello Monika. Welcome to Medimetry. Increase your carbohydrate intake. You need to eat frequent meals so that it energizes you throughout the day. Also energy and nutrient requirements increase in the lactation period. So, include whole grains, fruit, nuts, dryfruits, pulses, beverages like lemon juice, buttermilk in between. Control on your sugar, fat intake as weight gain can be an issue. Your every meal should be a combination of cereal, pulse, vegetable / fruit, nuts can be used as snacks. Rehydrate yourself with the beverages mentioned plus plain water. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.