BP gets low in morning . Please suggest

I take telsar BETA 25 once daily before two months ago. After doctor prescribe me telsar BETA 50. Now I take it daily.
But now I find that my bp is get too low as 102/62 in morning and 125/82 in evening or night.
My age is 38 & also take aztor 10 at night. What I do ?
If I take telsar BETA 25 again ?!?!

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    Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is rarely cause for concern — unless it's extremely low and related to shock. Hypotension is commonly defined as a blood pressure less than 100/60 (pressure between 100/60 and 120/80 is considered optimal). For most people, living with low blood pressure is not an issue. In fact, studies show that the lower your blood pressure, the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Hence if you are asymptomatic, I would suggest you to continue the same.

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