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  1. Hello Jai. Welcome to Medimetry. As you said, you eat a lot but still not putting on weight, there can be several reasons to it. It can be either genetic, or your body type of being lean or any medical reason. . Firstly, I would suggest you do a basic health check up to rule out any medical possibilities. Secondly, focus on regular interval eating. Eat small but energy rich foods to help you gain weight. For example - begin your day with fruit. Eat a handful of dryfruits and your regular cereal and milk in breakfast. Make Your lunch wholesome by adding curd or buttermilk as a calcium and protein source. Eat energy rich evening snacks like wheat or groundnut laddoo, home made kheers etc. Avoid all kinds of junk foods, refined flour foods, bakery foods, sugar rich beverages like cold drinks, canned fruit juices etc. Other possible reason for not gaining weight could be a false diet which you must be following. You need a proper guidance on how to eat rather than what to eat. My suggestion to you is go for a private consultation to discuss your health issues in detail and finding a right solution to it. Meanwhile, you can follow the above dietary guidelines. Thank you so much.