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  1. Thanks for contacting us.Is it your first baby?
  2. Usually the first baby is not affected whether Rh positive or negative.If the baby born is Rh positive you need to have Inj.Rholin or other anti D Immunoglobulin to protect baby in next pregnancy within 72 hours of delivery.
    Now a days routine antenatal anti D prohylaxis(RAADP)is practsed where in
    A one dose Injection of immunoglobulin between 28 to 30wks of pregnancy is given
  3. Others follow two dose treatment where one dose is during 28th week and next during the 34th week of pregnancy.
    There doesn't seem to be any difference in the effectiveness between one dose or two dose treatment.
    RAADP is recommended for all RhD negative lady who haven't been sensitised to RhD antigen even if you had an Inj.of anti D immunoglobulin
    RAADP does not work if one is already been sensitised.
    In this case you will be closely monitored so treatment can be given as soon as possible if problem arises.
    Please get your blood tested for Coombs test.If positive titre.
    Best wishes.