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    I can understand blood in stool and it could be because of bleeding from gastrointestinal tract or due to haemorrhoids.
    Kindly elaborate on what you mean by bleeding from chest.
    Is it a open wound?
    Also if bleeding is excessive, kindly take him to hospital as it could be some bleeding disorder and he might need intensive care.
    Also kindly get his Complete blood work up done and upload the reports.
    I will be happy to help you further.
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    Its not a wound.chest infection .pls tell some medicine for chest infection and for luver
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  4. Chest infection cannot be taken lightly.
    If you have already consulted a doctor and done blood work up as well as investigations then kindly send me the reports or else kindly get his CBC ESR random blood sugar, serum creatinine, urine routine and microscopic and xray chest pa view done and revert back.