Blisters or sores around vagina

I’m having blisters or sores around vagina. These sores are slightly itchy, accompanied by white discharge overall. I had consulted a doctor who prescribed candiderma, and while that reduced the inflammation a little, it didn’t go away. I’m not sexually active, currently, but have been around a year back. The sores have been troubling me for over a year now. I have PCOS and with a bit of weight regulation. I have been off medication for two years now.


Blisters or sores around vagina
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  1. Good morning.Thanks for writing to us.Since you are having the problem for more than a year during which period you were sexually active it might be STD from your partner.You should consult a Dermatologist and Gynaecologist too.Without physical examination it won't be wise to prescribe medicines empirically.
    You should maintain local hygiene,wash your lingerie (undergarments) with nonirritating soaps after wash put the clothes in dilute Savlon or Dettol Solution (1 to 2 tsf in a bucket of water)for 1/2 hour wash with water and put to dry in Sun.
    You can use V-Wash to clean the private parts.
    Please don't make delay in consulting the specialists as advised.
    Best wishes.