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  1. Good evening Annei.You need a clinical examination by a Gynaecologist to detect the site of bleeding.
    Meanwhile for pain you can take Tab.Spasril 1 tab B.D X 2days for pain abdomen. In consultation with your doctor you can take Tab.Pause 500mgm 1tab twice daily X 3days.
    Pl.get rid of the habit and don't use any sex toys in particular.
    Best wishes.
  2. User
    Yes I won't do it anymore but wen shall the bleeding stop like how many days will it stay n can't I do anything at home to stop it like any home remedy?
  3. I have already answered your question.
  4. Pl.follow the advice.If there is no injury bleeding will stop with the medicines.
  5. User
    Without medicines it won't stop?
  6. Obviously not,I presume.