Bleeding during sex

I had sex a year ago, i started bleeding during sex.  I thought it was common during the first time. I started bleeding the second time too and it was hurting too much . From then i stopped to have sex as i scared.  3 months back i diagnosed with pcod with multiple cysts in stroma of ovary measuring 2 to 3 mm.  Why am i bleeding during sex. I am 22 and i am unmarried . I thought of getting cervical screening test but my radiologist said its only for married women .  I can’t share this with family too. Please help me.

Bleeding during sex
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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the query,
    The cause of post coital bleeding is most commonly cervicitis or cervical erosions and it's best to get a cervical screening done as you are not a virgin and hence marriage is not an issue in your case.
    Also you should get a high vaginal swab culture done to rule out any bacterial vaginosis which can potentiate cervicitis and needs to be treated concomitantly if detected with antibiotics.
    please meet your gynecologist and get a per speculum examination done with a pap smear test.