Black spots on both the feet and lower legs

I have brownish black spots on both feet and lower legs since four years I am 61 years old male I am taking high bp medicine cilnidipine10 mg metaprol xl 25 mg I am also border lined diabetic on no medicine my hbA1c was6.8 on8.7.16 I was advice Doppler test before 3 years result showing mild venous insufficiency my becomes sometimes low in summer so I am on diet control please suggest me the cause of back spots symptoms and advice a. suitable treatment ?

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  1. Hello,
    Welcome to medimetry.
    Thanks for the query.

    I can understand your concern and I would like to assure you that I will help you at my best.
    I need few more details like your recent blood sugar levels, your Doppler reports and few high resolution images of the affected area.
    Also mention if the spots are itchy or painful so that I may guide you further.

  2. Dear Madan , Please whatsapp the reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr Surbhi as well as your name.
    Thank you!
  3. User
    I have sentwhatsapp reports to Dr Surabhi Agarwal black spots on feet and lower legs
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    Black spots on feet and Lower legs are not. ichy and nor pain full but are somewhat shiny and thin. Thanks
  5. Kindly send your Doppler reports and click a photograph with the flash off.
  6. I have seen the images and seems to be age spots.
    You also have venous insufficiency.
    I suggest you to wear compression stockings, exercise daily for at least 30 minutes and apply kojivit gel over affected area twice a day for a month.