Beta HCG test came as 252, Is any issues in pregnancy?

Hello, I had my last period on 29th of June and still, I didn’t my periods. I have done 3 urine test using velocity kit at home and still, the result was negative. Then finally I have done beta HCG on 24 Sept 2015 and got the result with the value as 107.1 so I consulted the doctor and she advised to undergo other beta HCG test on 28 Sept 2015 and then the results came as 252.0. Please advice if there are any issue with my pregnancy. What should be my diet and what cares and precautions to be taken? Thanks!!


Beta HCG test came as 252, Is any issues in pregnancy?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    As from your history either it was due to PCOD or ovarian cyst or thyroid disorder etc that your periods were not there and if it's conception it's late.
    Wait for 7 days more and repeat your test. If it shows a rising trend get a scan done. Gestational sac on ultrasound should be seen if your hcg levels are 1500.
    But if levels rise but not according to expected, it may be a missed abortion or abnormal or ectopic pregnancy.
    If it is so you will need medical supervision to confirm the diagnosis.
    Till then take balanced diet and tab folic acid 5mg one daily.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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