Doctor, 3 days back i got balanitis. I use povidone iodine on it. But my big mistake is i use raw dettol to clean. After use burning sensation occured. I go to a physician. He told me it is balanoposthitis. And dettol burn occur in the penis skin. Skin color changes into brown and very rough. What should i do. Do i use quariderm rf?


Family Physician

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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    Yes you may continue using the cream. It's standard generic drugs we use to prescribe to patients.

    Also you follow the following to avoid future irritation and infection in that area:
    - Maintain good hygiene.
    - Avoid scented and strong soaps.
    - Avoid lotions or sprays.
    - Take medications prescribed by your consulting physician.
    - Wear loose light coloured clean and washed undergarments.
    - Have a good healthy nutritious food and keep yourself hydrated with fluids and urinate at a regular interval.

    Hope this answers your query.
    Live healthy.
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    Do i use quariderm rf which contains beclomethasone dipropionate, clotrimazole and neomycin... Is that safe for balanitis and dettol burn. In penis skin
  3. Yes. Please continue that and any other medication prescribed by your physician as these medications are prescribed by your learned physician only after a good check up.

    Never use dettol or other concentrated soap or shampoos on sensitive skin of the genitalia, mouth, nose, etc.
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    Hi, my glans penis and foreskin dettol burn is gone. But my glans penis skin and foreskin is dry and wrinkled. When my penis erected the skin is very tight. And pain for the tightness plz help me
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    Hey..plz help me out
  6. Please approach a general physician who upon further examination will help devise a management for you.

    Live healthy!