Back pain due to lifting heavy weight.

I have back pain since last 2 weeks and I already consult with doctor. X- ray reports tells nothing. Dr. just tell that it’s just cramp in vessels so he has done some therapy two times and give me 5 days tablets. But it still hurt and day by day it’s paining. No help around here, could you please help me on that!

Back pain due to lifting heavy weight.

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  1. welcome to medimetry!!!
    what kind of work profile you have...sitting for long hours...desk job....or you work out a lot in gym...
    did u lift something heavy or pushed something heavy?
    what therapy did that doctor do? Please answer.

    you should use hot packs over your back. you should get physiotherapy done....visit a good physiotherapist he will assess you properly and prepare the protocol including stretching and strengthening exercises and treat you.
    till then follow certain precautions:
    Avoid forward bending.
    Avoid standing at a place for long hours.
    Avoid getting up straight from the bed....rather take a side turn and then get up from the bed. Use firm or hard mattress to sleep on.
    Avoid sitting on the floor cross legged.
    Avoid riding a scooter or bike on uneven surface to prevent any jerks to the back.
    Physiotherapy will relieve your problem for sure.
    For any further query you are welcome!!