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  1. Back pain is veru usual and generally age dependent...
  2. She should take hot packs, proper rest, can keep a pillow under her knees when lying down straight
  3. She should ideally lie on her sides(either right or left) keeping a pillow between her legs

    Her bed should be firm not too fluffy mattress, do not get up straight from the bed always take a turn and get up..
    Avoid forward bending and if she is overweight try to reduce it.

    As far as exercises are concerned - she can keep her hands under the lower back and raise her legs up one by one, she can keep her knees bent and roll both the knees in one side and head opposite side and repeat the same on another side...t
  4. Avoid standing for long hours in the kitchen, do not bend with a jerk and lift any object from the floor, always bend your knees and then lift the object
  5. Precautions and postural measures are always better than exact treatment...since it is just because of tiredness it will go away with hot packs and postural measures.
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