When is baby’s heart beat recognized during pregnancy?

Hi. I’m now 6 weeks pregnant. I went to doctor for check up. She tested me through internal vagina and told that baby’s heart beat was not found.

Doctor told me to comeback after 1 week and for the mean time she has prescribed me progesterone tab 100 mg. She told that after 1 week she will again test through internal vagina. If still heart beat is not there then we will do ultrasound.

Now my question is when is usually baby’s heart beat recognized or audible?


When is baby’s heart beat recognized during pregnancy?
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    At this time heart beat is confirmed by Ultrasound only and that too through vagina. It is possible that it is not there at 6 weeks and is seen for sure around 7 weeks especially if it is a delayed conception. If on ultrasound gestational sac is seen normal with fetal pole then you should wait for 1 week and get scan repeated. Be aware of any bleeding in between this duration, as it may be worrisome. It's important to monitor the growth on serial ultrasound at this time. Other test is serum beta HCG which should show increasing trend at 48 hours. This test can be done if you are worried to wait till next scan.

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