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  1. Hello and thank you for posting at Medimetry. Vomiting is common in the first few months of life.The common cause is baby's tummy being full,indigestion,gastroesophageal reflux.If he is vomiting out small amount of milk it could possibly be due to reflux.How many times is the baby vomiting?What colour is the vomitus?If its due to reflux or tummy being full it will subside by giving demand feeding to baby and burping after feeds.If vomitus is green in colour,forceful and associated with diarrhea or fever it is better to get the baby examined.Continue giving exclusive breast feeds to your baby till you see your Paediatrician.Do not give medicines to stop vomiting without consulting her doctor.I hope this information helped you.Do keep me posted on her health.Take care and regards!