Baby Suffering from constipation.Solution?

My daughter is five months ten days old since starting she has a problem of constipation.does not poo for four to five days have to give her bonisan medicine every time.she is a breastfeed baby plus take some fruit juices like Apple,khichdi and daal ka paani .please advice a permanent solution.

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  1. Hello Dhara and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Solids and cereals in diet are a cause of constipation.I will suggest you to give her more of breast milk.Apple juice is beneficial in constipation.Restrict cereals now.Try to include boiled green vegetables in baby's diet.If constipation is severe baby will need a glycerine suppository to relieve constipation.I suggest that you get baby examined by a Paediatrician.Keep me posted.Take care and best wishes!