Baby refusing breastfeeding

Hello Doctor, My baby is 45 days old .  Still i am unable to give breastfeeding , he is not ready to suck. But he is taking bottle (feeder) properly.  Whenever i am trying to give breastfeed, he is crying too much .  Can you suggest me what to do ?


Baby refusing breastfeeding

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting your question at Medimetry.If your baby has been given bottle feeding right from beginning then it's difficult that he will accept breast feeding at 1.5 month of age.What was the reason for not accepting breast feeds at birth?Large nipples,malformations in baby's oral cavity are few common causes of not accepting breast feeds at birth.The amount of milk flow varies and the effort of sucking also varies in a baby who's breast feeding compared to one who's bottle fed.While bottle feeding a baby has to make less sucking efforts compared to breast feeding.I think you need to keep trying and take help of a lactation counsellor if you want your baby to breast feed.Meanwhile you can try giving expressed breast milk by katori spoon.I sincerely hope this answers your query and helps you.Keep us posted.Best wishes!
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