Baby refuses to formula feed. Takes breast milk.

My baby is premature baby born at 37 weeks. He is taking both formula feed and breastfeed. These days he is not taking full bottle feed as only 30 or 60 ml feed is going in. He refuses the bottle after and search for breastfeed. He poops after 4 day or 5 days. What to do?


Baby refuses to formula feed. Takes breast milk.

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.At present what is your baby's age?Giving formula feeds can cause constipation in babies.An exclusively breast fed baby usually does not have constipation and passes stools 4-5 times a day.If you are having adequate breast milk you may give only breast milk to baby and stop formula feeds.A premature baby may need supplements of multivitamins,iron and vitamin D in addition to breast milk.Monitor your baby's growth by checking his weight every month.In the first two weeks of life every newborn loses weight .After 1 month babies start gaining weight.If baby gains almost 500-750 gms per month then you should not worry.I sincerely hope this information helps you.Keep us posted with more queries.Take care and good day!
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    Thanks dr.arti sharma i am also a babies age is 3 months 20 days now his weight is 5.2 kgs his birth weight was 2 kgs.
  3. Hi Sheenam nice to hear back from you and know that you are a doctor .Considering the birth weight your baby's weight gain seems to be adequate.Continue with exclusive breast feeding.Take care and keep us posted!