Baby passing stools immediately after feeding . Suggest ?

Hello Dr my baby is 5.5 months old. A week back she was suffering from loose motion I HV examined her by my pediatrician, after that she got relief from loose again she is having loose motion. As I gave her feed , baby passing stools immediately .she is on breastfeed and I also gave her 2-3 times formula feed per day. Now she is passing stool after every feed. Is that due to change of weather or anything else.please advice me that can I go with her previous medicines that was
pedialyte-90 ,ecotion and zincogut

baby stool


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  1. Hi Monika and welcome to Medimetry.I understand your concern.There are two possibilities in your case.Either your baby's past infection was not treated adequately or this is a new infection.Most of the causes of diarrhea are viral.The basic treatment plan is diarrhea is preventing dehydration and treating any infection if present.How long have you been giving Zinc syrup prescribed by your doctor?Since your baby is also taking formula feeds I would suggest that you be careful in sterilization of utensils used in making formula feeds.Use clean boiled water for making formula feeds.You may give Oral Rehydration Solution approximately 50-60 ml after every loose motion.Zinc syrup prescribed by your doctor helps in controlling diarrhoea and also preventing future attacks of diarrhoea.It is usually recommended for 14 days.Continue with breastfeeding and keep baby well hydrated.If there is mucus in stools it indicates bacterial infection.I suggest that you give ORS presently.If loose motions still persist then get baby examined.Hope this information helps you.Best luck and take care!